This section should serve as a place for you to post descriptions of collections that might be appropriate for studying gender and archives. Below we have begun with a digital copy of a 2002 document that listed collections created by women or on women in New Orleans repositories. For that listing, click on the “Repositories, with collections on women listed therein” tab. To this listing can be added others, such as pdfs of finding aids in other collections, or your information about specific collections. We will experiment transferring this blog like material to a more permanent site.

Download PDF’s

Amistad Research Center

Academy of the Sacred Heart

Archdiocese of New Orleans

Dominican Sisters of Peace New Orleans

Mt. Carmel

New Orleans Public Library

Sisters of the Holy Family

Southern University

Touro Infirmary Archives

Tulane University

Tulane University Manuscripts Department

University of New Orleans

Ursuline Academy

Williams Research Center


John Hill Martin Family Papers

Teresa Vielé Scrapbooks

Truxton Boyce Genealogical Research and Family Papers


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