“Today, 83 percent of librarians are women, but in the 1880s men had the edge, making up 52 percent of the 636 librarians enumerated.  In 1930, male librarians were truly rare, making up just 8 percent of the librarian population.

Looking at gender, male librarians out-earned female librarians in 1950 and 1990, but by 2009, median wages for the two sexes were within $100 of each other.  The gender wage gap has essentially closed for librarians with college degrees, but among those without college degrees, the gap remains and is 50 percent larger than for those working in other professions.”

Sydney Beveridge, Susan Weber and Andrew A. Beveridge, “Librarians in the U.S. from 1880-2009: An analysis using 120 years of census data,” Available via Social Explorer.

Librarian Census


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